15 Secrets to Survival


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New York Times bestselling author ,Natalie ,D. Richards's middle grade debut about a group of four classmates forced to navigate the wilderness for an extra credit project with nothing but the pages of a survival handbook&mdash,and each other&mdash,to save them. , When classmates Baxter, Abigail, Turner and Emerson break a school rule, they&rsquo,re forced to travel to the middle of nowhere for an extra credit project. They think things can&rsquo,t get much worse. After all, how will learning to survive in the wilderness help them stay out of trouble in school?  , , ,What starts off as a weekend of team building takes a scary turn when their instructor goes missing and they are given nothing but pages of a survival guide to complete a series of challenges.  , , , , ,They soon learn the woods around them have unexpected surprises. Will they discover a way to work together to find their teacher and overcome the dangers of winter in the mountains?  , , , , A recommended choice for classroom discussions on earth science and educators looking for survival books for kids.
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