Amadeus: A Play by Peter Shaffer


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"0riginating at the National Theatre of Great Britain, ""Amadeus"" was the recipient of both the Evening Standard Drama Award and the Theatre Critics Award. In the United States, the play won the coveted Tony Award and went on to become a critically acclaimed major motion picture winning eight Oscars, including Best Picture.Now, this extraordinary work about the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is available with a new preface by Peter Shaffer and a new introduction by the director of the 1998 Broadway revival, Sir Peter Hall. ""Amadeus"" is a must-have for classical music buffs, theatre lovers, and aficionados of historical fiction."
Informácie o produkte
Druh sortimentu Kniha
Autor Peter Shaffer
Rok vydania 2001
Poradie vydania 1. vydání
Väzba Brožovaná bez prebalu matná
Počet strán 160
ISBN 0060935499
EAN 9780060935498
Interný kód 0282998
Produktový manažér Jana Knopová (
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