The Road to Wigan Pier

New Annotated Edition
Značka: Alma Books Ltd.

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In January 1936, the thirty-two-year-old George Orwell left his home in London and travelled to the industrial north of England with the intention of experiencing first-hand the conditions in which the working-class poor were compelled to live their lives. During his two-month expedition he visited Manchester, Wigan and Liverpool in the north-west, then Sheffield, Leeds and Barnsley in Yorkshire, recording his impressions as he went in a diary that would later form the basis of one of the most significant works of literary reportage ever written. Part sociological survey, part polemic about the potential benefits of socialism - as well as the failures and idiosyncrasies of many of its middle-class exponents - The Road to Wigan Pier represents a unique record of a society riven by class inequality and plagued by unemployment, inadequate housing, unsafe working conditions and other social ills, as well as providing an invaluable insight into the evolution of Orwell's political consciousness.
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Podnázov New Annotated Edition
Druh sortimentu Kniha
Autor George Orwell
Značka Alma Books Ltd.
Vychádza 03.09.2024
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ISBN 1847499198
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