Figure Drawing for Fashion Design

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Fashion plates are the primary means of visualising ideas and concepts in costume and fashion design. To give an accurate impression of what is in a designeri?1s mind, it is vital to have complete mastery of the rules of figure drawing and grasp stylisation and exaggeration techniques that add individuality and style. This new edition of Figure Drawing for Fashion Design i?1 fully revised, updated and expanded i?1 offers a concise, topic by topic guide to acquiring and perfecting these skills, concentrating on the female form. This book is ideal for those who want to apply themselves professionally to fashion design as well as enthusiasts of drawing the human body. This edition contains the following chapters: Drawing the female figure A very comprehensive course in drawing all parts of the female body The figure in fashion Teaches you how to draw specifically for fashion design and presentation Fashion design Provides and introduction into what is required to design and draw new collections Garment drawing and design What you need to know to make accurate technical drawings of whole garments, details, trimmings, etc
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