The Mirror Thief


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In sixteenth century Venice the famed makers of Venetian glass have perfected one of the old world's most wondrous inventions: the mirror. An object of glittering yet fearful fascination, does it reflect simple reality, or something more spiritually revealing? Its groundbreaking design means its secrets are much coveted and one world-weary war hero with nothing to lose plots to steal and sell this revolutionary new invention to the highest bidder.In Venice Beach, California, circa 1958, and the Venice casino in Las Vegas, circa today, two other schemers launch similarly dangerous plans to get away with a secret...All three stories will weave together into a spellbinding tour-de-force that is impossible to put down--a stay-up-all-night novel that, in the end, returns the reader to a stunning conclusion in the original Venice. The Mirror Thief calls to mind David Mitchell and Umberto Eco in its mix of entertainment and literary bravado.
Informácie o produkte
Druh sortimentu Kniha
Autor Martin Seay
Značka Melville House Ltd.
Rok vydania 2017
Poradie vydania 1. vydání
Väzba Brožovaná bez prebalu matná
Počet strán 534
ISBN 0993414982
EAN 9780993414985
Interný kód 0233495
Produktový manažér Jana Knopová (
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