The Narrative of Arthur Gordom Pym

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Objednávku (na dobierku) prijatú v pracovný deň do 13:30 expedujeme ihneď, najneskôr na druhý deň.

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His name is Arthur Gordon Pym. He comes from Nantucket. Nantucket is a town in America, near the sea. People from Nantucket are often sailors. His grandfather is a lawyer. He's famous and very rich. Gordon Pym is very lucky. He is only eighteen years old, but he has a small boat. Its name is Ariel. He often goes sailing on the Ariel near Nantucket. He has a good education and a dream: he wants to go to sea. This is the sotry of his adventures at sea. He meets pirates, a ghost ship, and storms. He visits Kerguelen's land, Prince Edward's Island and Tristan de Cunha before arriving in Antarctica. In this reader you will find: Information about Edgar Allan Poe's life, Focus On sections: Antarctica and Pirates at Sea, Glossary of difficult words, Comprehension and extension activities, Final test. Syllabus: Articles: a, an, theP>Nouns: countable, uncountable, plural, possessiveP>Pronouns: subject, object; Quantifiers: some/any, moreP>Adjectives: possessive, opinion; Prepositions: place, time, movement; Verbs: Present Simple, Present; Adverbs: frequency, manner
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Autor Edgar Allan Poe
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